Testimonials and Case Studies

“What truly sets Keith and United Energy Advisors apart is their unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Throughout our partnership, they have been incredibly responsive, transparent, and collaborative, always going the extra mile to address any concerns and ensure that our needs were met. I cannot recommend Keith Parham and United Energy Advisors highly enough. Their expertise, reliability, and commitment to excellence have not only helped us achieve significant energy savings but have also strengthened our position as a premier office building in NYC. If you’re looking for a trusted partner to drive energy efficiency initiatives and elevate your property management efforts, look no further than Keith and his exceptional team.”

NYC Commercial Property Manager

“I am pleased to report that United Energy Advisors not only met but exceeded my expectations by providing all the items outlined in the proposal within the specified time frame and budget. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail truly set them apart in the industry. I look forward to working with this reliable company again in the future.”

NYC Multifamily Managing Director

“We had been looking for ways to reduce our electricity bills and our carbon footprint. United Energy Advisors suggested some measures that were very helpful and easy to implement. We have been able to save a lot of money on our electricity bills and also reduce our carbon emissions. We are very happy with the results!”

Case Study

“We implemented the energy efficiency measures suggested by United Energy Advisors and have seen a remarkable reduction in our electricity bills. We are also happy about the fact that our carbon emissions have decreased significantly. Thanks to United Energy Advisors for helping us do our bit in reducing carbon emissions!”

Case Study